a dress just for you

Every Charlotte Barjou design tells a tale, and you can be part of this story with a dress created just for you. Whether you’re looking
for something for the day, evening, or even your wedding, Charlotte has just what you’re looking for. Contact us for more details.

INSPIRED by you!

First you can come to meet Charlotte at her atelier. Here you will spend valuable time with her discussing your requirements. Charlotte and her styling expert will want to know more about you, about your colours, your proportions and for what occasion your dress is for: is for an evening event in the city? A daytime event on the beach? Where is the event? What’s the weather like?

All these details will help Charlotte to come up with the right design for you.

DESIGNED for you!

Based on your previous discussion, Charlotte will present you with a design created specifically for you and some fabric options. She uses material sourced from all over the world – from France, Italy, Thailand and Myanmar; and, as much as possible, she likes to use sustainable materials, such as silk, linen, organic cotton and hand-woven materials by local producers.

Once the shape and materials of the dress have been agreed upon, Charlotte and her team of seamstresses will create a white cotton prototype of your dress to ensure that the fit is perfect. You will be invited back to the atelier for further fittings.

CREATED for you!

The final piece is your dress.

You can order a dress even if you don’t live in Myanmar. Charlotte and her team can conduct meetings with you over Skype, and will then send you drawings and fabric options from which you can choose your dress.

If possible she will send you a prototype of the dress to try. If you are based in Paris, France, Charlotte has a dedicated seamstress there who can fit the prototype for you before returning it to Charlotte in Myanmar so that she can make the final adjustments.