about charlotte barjou

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From the delicate black tutu she made as a 12-year-old in Paris to the dramatic floor-length creations she constructs today in her atelier in Yangon, Charlotte Barjou has always bought the magic of the theatre to her designs. For Charlotte, a dress is not just a series of stitches, it is a story woven into fabric – a story that can be retold every time the piece is worn.

Her childhood was spent at the sewing table of her neighbour – a costumier at the world-famous Opéra National de Paris – where Charlotte learnt everything there is to know about dress-making: from delicate stitching to modélisme, the intricate art of draping fabric. From then on, every moment of her spare time was spent creating new designs for her friends and family.

As demand for Charlotte’s designs grew, she opened her own weekly pop-up online shop, La Création du Jeudi (Thursday’s Creations), where she launched one new design every Thursday. But by then, Charlotte knew that she needed to find a place in the world where she could spread her wings, somewhere she could turn her design dream into a reality. So in 2014, she packed her bags in Paris and headed to Myanmar, a country only then just opening up to new opportunities.

Charlotte’s return ticket to Paris was booked for four months later, but after 48 hours in Yangon, she decided to stay, and it was here that her new brand, Charlotte Barjou Design, was born.

Charlotte’s intricate designs require the work of highly skilled artisans: she has recruited a talented team of Myanmar seamstresses and, with help from teachers from Paris, has trained them in the very best of haute couture craftsmanship. Charlotte prefers to use only sustainable fabric which she sources from Paris, Italy and Thailand, as well as using the very best and most beautiful material from her adopted home country of Myanmar.

Charlotte works and lives in Yangon with her husband, Adrien, and baby Jade.